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Precision in Every Detail

In real estate, it’s the small details that leave a lasting impact. We proudly champion our agents, meticulously handling every task, big or small, with precision. Mastering the small details lays the foundation for exceptional customer experiences. Choose any of our nine affiliated office locations to seamlessly close your transactions. Your success is our mission.
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We provide property searches for all 72 counties throughout Wisconsin.

Our Services & Resources

We’re more than just closings and title insurance. Our commitment extends to a suite of services and resources, including but not limited to the following.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a crucial safeguard, protecting against loss or damage from title defects. The policy, backed by the title insurance underwriter, serves as a written guarantee, ensuring the underwriter will bear the expense of defending the title in legal actions disputing the insured title. It shields against a range of potential issues from the past, such as mistakes in document recording, forged documents, undisclosed or missing heirs, liens and fraud.

Closing Services

Closing services are designed to facilitate the completion of your real estate transaction in accordance with the Offer to Purchase. Responsibilities include effective communication with all involved parties, preparation of closing documents, conducting the closing process, managing the collection and disbursement of funds and submitting legal documents to the Register of Deeds for recording.

Closing Protection Letter

Closing Protection Letters are a valuable assurance provided to lenders upon request. This service is extended as part of our commitment to preparing the settlement statement, conducting the closing and collecting and disbursing funds in accordance with the lender's instructions. It’s our way of ensuring a secure and smooth transaction for all parties involved.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges

We coordinate with third parties to facilitate tax-deferred property exchanges in accordance with the provisions outlined in section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Trust us to navigate the complexities of this process, ensuring a seamless and compliant transaction.

Escrow Services

Our escrow services involve the holding and disbursing of funds as outlined in a carefully drafted written escrow agreement. Count on us for expert escrow management, ensuring the secure handling of your financial transactions.

Letter Reports

Letter Reports offer an abbreviated title search, starting from the acquisition deed of the current owner forward. These reports deliver crucial information, including current title vesting details, legal descriptions, tax information, and disclosure of outstanding mortgages, liens and judgments.

Preliminary Title Search for Realtors (Search & Hold)

Preliminary Title Search for Realtors involves a detailed examination to verify how title is held, revealing key information on easements, restrictive covenants and related title issues that may affect the property. We provide copies of the tax bill, mapping and copies of all recorded documents, ensuring comprehensive insights for informed real estate decisions.

Construction Disbursement Services

Our expert team streamlines construction processes, facilitates loan closings, ensures efficient fund disbursement, conducts thorough title searches, coordinates lien waivers and performs inspections. With precision and care, we navigate each step to bring your residential or commercial project to successful fruition.

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Leveraging ALTA Expertise

As devoted members of the American Land Title Association (ALTA®), we actively leverage its premier resources in advocacy, education, communication and networking. We take pride in extending these valuable resources to our customers, providing continuous support from the moment title insurance is ordered throughout the entire process.

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