Attorney/Owner, Quality Title Group

Paul Duerst

Meet Paul Duerst, the guiding force behind our success. Paul kicked off his academic and professional journey at Ripon College, graduating in 1981. Fueled by a passion for the law, he earned his Juris Doctorate from Drake University in 1984.

In ‘84, Paul founded the Duerst Law Office, quickly becoming a recognized figure in the legal community. His vision was launched in 1992 with County Land & Title, setting the stage for Quality Title Group’s expansion. With Paul at the helm, we’ve grown to nine office locations in North Central Wisconsin, embodying precision, protection and top-notch service in real estate.

Today, as the Owner of Quality Title Group and Owner/Attorney of Duerst Law Office, S.C., Paul remains a driving force in real estate and law. His leadership has not only crafted a thriving business; it’s also leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Paul’s journey is a testament to his dedication to excellence, ongoing growth and profound influence on North Central Wisconsin’s real estate and legal scene.